Sheryl Plouffe, Video Strategist

With 25 years of experience as a TV Broadcaster, Sheryl Plouffe helps entrepreneurs and small businesses make money with online video through uncomplicated video production, social media and personal branding.

The repositioning of Sheryl Plouffe's brand required a focus on high-ticket offerings, while targeting a more affluent buyer. By doing so, Sheryl could better market to corporate buyers and successful entrepreneurs.


The wide characters of the Grange Extended font exude a premium flair, with a slight personality, relating to the personal nature of Sheryl's brand. Muted, sophisticated tones help differentiate from the typical flashy, saturated tones found in the video (especially YouTube) space. Finally, purple and gold themselves appeal to affluent purchasers and compliment each other aesthetically.

Logo (before & after).



A painpoint for many of Sheryl's clients is the inability to "get out of their own way" when it comes to being on camera.


To alleviate this, the empowering tagline "Discover the star you are." instills confidence in those considering Sheryl's help. While Hollywood stardom may not be what her clients aim for, authenticity and presence on camera are discovered with the help of Sheryl's expertise.

Business card.

Personal Brand Breakthrough introduction and YouTube thumbnail.

Brand guidelines.


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