Power Edge Pro

Using its patented Counter Reactive Training™ system, Power Edge Pro develops hockey players of all skill levels to skate faster and smarter.

The Power Edge Pro logo is bold, dynamic, simple, and therefore memorable. Its red edge directly relates to the speed and motion that's paramount to Power Edge Pro, while the livened colour palette creates an exciting and dynamic look and feel. The custom wordmark creates a distinct and unique brand identity that Power Edge Pro can sport with confidence as it grows and enters new markets.

Logo (before & after).

On-ice apparatus.

"The Edge" (as it's nicknamed) is used as a recurring graphic device to further convey speed, motion, and excitement.

Commonly called "PEP", a shortform variation of the logo was created and can be adjoined to the company's sub-brands.


Custom numbers system based on "The Edge" for use on jerseys.

Pro Camp uniform.

Mass Camp uniform.

Camp poster.


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