• Adam Morris

Case Study: iGotPro

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Living in the digital age, there is an enormous amount of potential for apps and platforms to thrive in a connected world. Despite the competition of the countless apps people already make a part of their daily lives, if an app serves a purpose that’s valuable enough, it too can make it to the home screen of millions.

About iGotPro

iGotPro is a networking platform that enables Professional Service Providers to leverage their professional relationships to grow their businesses.

To differentiate from similar platforms like LinkedIn and Alignable, iGotPro operates more as a system of reciprocity. Specifically, users who write frequent blog posts can choose to include other professionals’ posts in their email blasts or updates. If the initial professional shares another’s posts (and brings them business, referrals, connections, etc.), iGotPro prompts that user to return the favour by including the other party in their email blasts or updates. Ultimately, the iGotPro community thrives on collaboration and a shared system of value exchanged between business professionals.

iGotPro is operated by a team of professionals with backgrounds in Platform Development, Sales, Business, Computer Technology, and Marketing. The team’s shared knowledge proves that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. As a startup based in Waterloo (one of Canada’s most prominent technology hubs), the company has received government and municipal capital to help fund their idea.

The platform’s target market is business professionals. More specifically, rather than trying to target all business professionals around the world, the company’s strategy is to target those in Ontario first, then slowly market the service to the rest of Canada, then the rest of North America, and then scale globally. Keeping their target more local to begin with allowed for more of a concentrated user base that the team can analyze and optimize in preparation for an increased, globalized user base. Natural word-of-mouth marketing also works in tangent with this strategy.

Design was needed to increase the brand’s perceived value towards potential investors and users who would potentially use the app on a frequent basis. Also, the app needed to differentiate from LinkedIn and Alignable, its two main competitors. When looking at the social media category as a whole, differentiating from Facebook and Twitter was a priority as well. As the marketplace is saturated with apps, tools, and platforms alike, the creation of an iconic, memorable, and unique identity was necessary for iGotPro. After all, the goal of the platform was to be used on a daily basis by business professionals around the world. With visual perception accounting for 90% of the information transmitted to the brain (source), the goal of the project was to create a well-received, recognizable visual identity.

iGotPro's original logo (purchased from Fiverr).


Having not used the platform as it's still in development, high-level questions included:

  • What is iGotPro?

  • Who is it for?

  • How is it different than similar apps such as LinkedIn and Alignable?

iGotPro is a networking platform that enables Professional Service Providers to leverage their professional relationships to grow their businesses. This is iGotPro’s value proposition; as succinct as possible. In more detail, two of the partners provided more detailed descriptions (similar to an elevator pitch):

“iGotPro is an online platform that delivers not just sales, or returns on investment, but allows you create networking opportunities to build solid, sustainable long-term relationships. Using this platform you will be able to build robust network groups comprising people who are right for you and your business, who are willing to increase your client reach by several times. iGotPro is the must tool in the market that will speed up your networking process, build your personal brand and reputation in a truly collaborative way so you bring value to your relationships with other people first.”
“iGotPro is for Professional Service Providers who are seeking an easier and quicker way to meet more of their ideal clients, with the goal of increasing their sales and grow their business. It is an affordable online system of tools that assist in collaboration and cross promotion of other trusted professionals who are serving the same ideal target market, promoting professionals to clients through trusted relationships without the stress of that “uncomfortable introduction/referral.”

These descriptions provided lots to work with. Development of a logo was followed by its presentation to the team.

iGotPro's New Logo: A Refreshed, Iconic Mark

Having been purchased from Fiverr, iGotPro’s original logo lacked uniqueness and memorability. The updated logo increases the brand’s perceived value towards potential investors and app users. It also works at small sizes and differentiates from its main competition: LinkedIn and Alignable. The design solution is an iconic mark with the six inner triangles representing the unique “six degrees of separation” within an iGotPro network. More specifically, the triangles are pointed outwards to represent the outward reach of effective business networking. Orange is sociable and approachable, while blue is businesslike and reliable. Its typeface, Work Sans, is legible and professional.

Icon grid structure.

Implementing the brand’s visual identity

Once iGotpro’s new logo was finalized, the touchpoints needing to be refreshed included the website, browser favicon, app icon, business cards, and the app's login screen. Implementing an updated visual identity takes time, but when done right, the return on investment is invaluable.

Homepage design.

iGotPro's app icon is set in orange to differentiate from its main competitors, LinkedIn and Alignable.

The business card’s repeat pattern is suggestive of the abundance of professionals using the platform.

The iGotPro icon can be simplified to allow for a knockout version on top of a coloured background.

Results and the Future of iGotPro

The iGotPro team was very satisfied with their refreshed, unique, and iconic logo. Living in a space flooded with apps and icons alike, the team is ready to implement their visual identity across all touchpoints—on the web and in the physical space. As the new identity is slowly being implemented (see the logo here: www.igotpro.com), only time can tell how the refreshed look will be perceived by the platform’s user base. One thing’s for sure though: with a more professional and memorable appearance, iGotPro can move forward confidently in the professional network marketplace.

The biggest challenge of the iGotPro rebrand was designing for a team, rather than one decision-maker. Each partner had their own opinion on the design direction their company should take. The optimistic attitude that inevitably won the team over is that it's possible to satisfy the whole team with an effective design solution. ▲


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