• Adam Morris

Case Study: Femme en Fleur

Client Background

As we live in the digital age, it's more important than ever to stand out online, especially those looking to build a personal brand. Wanting to remain anonymous and appear under a branded alias, I was approached by a young woman looking to build her personal brand. For the client's privacy, her name has been omitted. The client was interested in naming her personal brand Femme en Fleur, which translated from French means "Woman in Flower". Her reason for naming her brand Femme en Fleur was that she believed every woman deserves to feel beautiful (like a flower), and has the potential to captivate, inspire, and allure. Furthermore, she believed that every woman has the ability to "blossom" into her full potential. Not using her real, full name was important to the client because she stated "It's not about me, but about inspiring others". Also, she mentioned the possibility of growing Femme en Fleur into a fashion line for those who embody the brand. Appreciative of her entrepreneurial ambition, I accepted the task to design the Femme en Fleur logo.

Project Background

The client's request was relatively simple: design an ornate, beautiful logo that of course uses the Femme en Fleur name. The client was also looking for gold to be used throughout her brand. She mentioned that gold was one of her favourite colours, as it stood out to her and is beautiful when shown in the right context. I appreciated the client's colour preference, but mentioned the logo(s) I present must first work in black and white. I instructed the client that by doing so, she can focus purely on each logo's form and concept, without being influenced by the emotional nature of colour. With that being said, I began developing a few iterations to be pitched to the client.

Initial Logo Concepts

Above, the first logo concept is an illustrative mark that represents the woman "seeing herself" in the flower; an object of beauty. By doing so, a direct relation can be made to Femme en Fleur, as it's translation from French is "Woman in Flower." The illustration's fine lines are ornate and feminine, further suggesting the brand's values and attitude. Cinzel Decorative was the selected typeface within each concept above due to its feminine personality.

The second logo concept uses a visual double entendre. The subject matter can be viewed as either the curvy, hourglass silhouette of a woman, or a flower blossoming inside a vase. Once again, the connection can be made to "Woman in Flower" by using the representations of a woman, a flower, and the idea of blossoming.

The third logo concept is a simple, ornate rendition of a peony, as the client mentioned this was her favourite flower. This concept was the most literal and universally-understood, helping to increase the potential of being well-received by her audience, regardless of the market she decides to pursue.

Client Feedback

The client appreciated the initial three logos pitched, and understood each concept's rationale. However, the client was firm that she wouldn't be satisfied until she loved her logo. She explained again that she was looking for something with finer lines; something more ornate. The client also mentioned that she understood the use of black and white, but in order to really win her approval, the next logo concept should be presented in full colour. As gold was previously requested, she also stated that gold atop burgundy was what she'd be interested in seeing. With this is mind, back to the drawing board I went. I too would not be satisfied until she was.

New Design Direction

With the client's feedback in mind, I developed the above logo concept. She was much more receptive on this logo, especially the flowing, ornate lines at the top and bottom. However, the logo failed to suggest an actual flower, therefore lessening the representation of beauty. I agreed, as those who do not know what Fleur means wouldn't be able to make the connection to "Woman in Flower". A final request from the client was to use rose gold, rather than a regular gold tone. The client and I agreed, as we felt rose gold would be softer, more feminine, and of course relate to a flower.

Selected Logo

Shown above is the selected Femme en Fleur logo. A pattern of script "F's" creates an ornate, abstract rendition of a flower, while the use of Didot communicates femininity and elegance. The "en" portion is set in Snell Roundhand to contrast well with Didot and compliment the rhythm of the flower.

The client was very receptive of this logo; ultimately choosing it to be the face of her personal brand. The logo was presented in context to demonstrate how her brand could be applied in the physical world.

The distinct burgundy tone of Femme en Fleur can be used as a filter for the brand's Instagram page, while the rose gold logo can be cropped to create an iconic "F", suggesting the alliteration of the brand's name.

The Femme en Fleur identity is versatile and can be applied to clothing.

Designing the logo for the Femme en Fleur brand was an iterative and rewarding process. I was ultimately reminded that logo design is a collaborative process, and while perhaps in a perfect world, clients are receptive of the first concept(s) pitched, that's not always the case. Nevertheless, I'm appreciative of the client's pushback of the initial logo concepts and her desire to only be satisfied until she loved the design. If she hadn't wanted nothing but the best, we would have never arrived at the final design solution. ▲


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