• Adam Morris

Case Study: Allevar Inc.

Located in Toronto, Allevar is a consulting and technical services firm with wide access to hidden talent in the market. The business is managed with efficient operating practices of its own, and by doing so, is able to pass on the cost advantages to their clients. With a high level of attention to detail, Allevar strives to be the best in its field. Consisting of lean, highly focused executive and leadership teams and minimal overhead, Allevar is able to provide its clients with the best talent for competitively advantaged prices.

Having started the company in 2005, Allevar was lacking in modern appeal. To bring its identity up-to-date while retaining its original equity, a distinct diamond was created with emphasis on a check mark to suggest successful project management and task completion.

Inspiring a Refresh

Allevar's existing logo posed a few problems. First, the two diamonds were hard to read as "L's", causing some to read the logo as "a  evar". Secondly, the nature of all lowercase, rounded and stylized lettering was too informal for a professional services company, especially one that works primarily with the big banks. Finally, the existing Allevar logo did not represent its modern, forward-looking attitude  Instead, its look and feel became dated over time and while the company is approaching the 2020s, its aesthetic remained in the mid 2000s.

Retaining Brand Equity

Allevar had been operating for more than a decade, and despite its underperforming logo, there was equity in its diamonds. Rather than continuing to arbitrarily symbolize the two "l's" as diamonds, the diamond identifier now stands proud on its own. The negative space within the diamond forms a second diamond, giving a subtle nod to the fact that Allevar's mark formerly used two diamonds. Green is still used as the icon's primary colour to retain familiarity, but is now split up between a darker and lighter green. The lighter green is used to emphasize a check mark, which suggest project management and task completion.

Graphic Device

The updated Allevar icon is flexible and can work as a Graphic Device. Seen above is an example of how the diamond interacts with a classic business handshake. Black and white photography is used to allow for greater contrast between it and Allevar's distinct, two-tone identifier.


The Allevar diamond can be used as a pattern to increase brand awareness as the company promotes its brand for the years to come. With enough marketing support, Allevar will eventually be able to use its diamond identifier without the "ALLEVAR" wordmark, similar to Nike and Apple.

Promotional Ad

To increase its brand awareness throughout its home city of Toronto and reach its target of the big Canadian banks, "The Allevar Advantage" was developed to highlight what differentiates Allevar from its competitors. The ad features the standard black and white photography treatment, and the icon's check mark used as a graphic device; both part of the Allevar brand identity system. By using these design treatments in unison, as well as Allevar's updated typography and colours, greater consistency is yielded, regardless of the medium or message.


Since Allevar works in various digital industries and specializes in technological business practice itself, it was important that Allevar established a strong web presence. Seen above, Allevar's tagline "Projects need talent. We deliver" serves as the proud centrepiece of their website and juxtaposed on top of the Toronto skyline. Allevar's primary colour palette and typography is used throughout to further promote consistency and familiarity among its clients. The highlighted call-to-action button "The Allevar Advantage" is set in Allevar's bright green to drive traffic to Allevar's strengths and differentiators. The secondary call-to-action, "Contact Us", reduces the amount of clicks required to find contact information while advantageously increasing the likelihood of incoming calls and emails.

Moving Forward

Now that Allevar possesses a modern brand identity (that still appeals to existing clients), the company can confidently promote its brand recognition while growing as a business and entering new markets. Proud of its new identity, Allevar is ambitious about its future growth and increased perceived value. The company believes its perspective clients will appreciate their heightened status thanks to the updated design of its identity. ▲


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